The Permanent Storage Company. Archival Data Storage with Laser Tape.

Opternity is building the future of industrial storage data requirements for the 21st century. Opternity proprietary tapes and tape drives will store 10 -100 times more data than traditional magnetic tapes.

Optical Tape Storage

Capacity 10X+ greater than current LTO tape
True WORM (write-once-read-many) compliant



Optical Tape Media:
Extremely low cost in terms of cents per GB stored
Cartridge capacity more than 10 times capacity of magnetic cartridge
Long archival life (50+ years)
No refresh requirements, due to contact-less reading and writing
Write once and read-only versions
Diagnostic information for media quality monitoring
Multiple tape lengths for optimal balace of capacity and access time
Cassette dimensions compatible with magnetic tape library systems


Optical Tape Drives:
Extremely long durability
High MTBF (no head wear)
Heavy Duty Cycle design
Robust error correction scheme (no errors over expected lifetime)
Fast time to data (< 10 seconds)
Competitive date rates
Scalable design allows multiple drives to be teamed for higher data throughput and access times.

Opternity Storage is developing a platform comprising modular components (optical media, tape drives, and interface software) that is optimized to meet various permanent storage needs. Two examples of potential system configurations are;

Tape Libraries Systems
The initial offering will be tape drives and associated media that will be compatible with existing tape automation libraries. Today’s lead users are typically in possession of high-end tape automation systems and storage management software. The availability of solutions compatible with tape automation systems allows end users to protect their existing automation and software investments while gaining the benefits of cost, media longevity, and scale offered by the Opternity platform.

Server attached stand-alone drives
Opternity drives will integrate easily into OEM servers. A likely application for this configuration is email and web transaction archiving. Opternity will offer a standalone version of its drives that can be added onto, and survive the obsolescence of, existing servers.

Opernity's technology is based on a special linear formatting technique that results in track densities equal to those in optical recording with embedded track and sector coordinates. Three patents have been secured.