The Permanent Storage Company. Archival Data Storage with Laser Tape.

Opternity is building the future of industrial storage data requirements for the 21st century. Opternity proprietary tapes and tape drives will store 10 -100 times more data than traditional magnetic tapes.

Optical Tape Storage

Capacity 10X+ greater than current LTO tape
True WORM (write-once-read-many) compliant


The Problem

In 2007 the world produced more data than we can store

Every 5 years the amount of data grows 10 times

New regulations require longer and secure storage

Costs and environmental impact are increasing

Magnetic tape technology will have a hard time to keep up


The Market

Today's archival storage needs are only met by the magnetic tape, drive & library systems (mostly LTO based)

$3.5 billion market (2013)

290 Exabytes (bilion GB) of permanent storage capacity installed by end of '12 growing over 50% per year

3.3 million LTO drives and 132 miilion LTO cartridge were sold by mid '09 since inception in '01


How much data can Laser media hold?

Two Opternity Optical Tapes can hold:


The Entire Library of Congress

Contents of 22,800 CDs

Contents of 3,400 DVDs


The Solution


Opternity has solved a key remaining problem: how to efficiently format kilometers of tape with tracks at DVD densities or beyond. Opternity's tape and drive systems will be fully compatible with existing and future robotic library systems.
Subsequent generations of drives will be backward compatble with all previous media.

This has opened a pathway for a worldwide technology transition like the one moving from 2MB (magnetic) floppy disks to (optical) CD-ROM/DVD/Blu-ray disks.


The Team


Founded by two early pioneers of the optical recording industry, Opternity plans to build a worldwide team combinig business and technology expertise in the permanent storage domain.

We will team with key data management software companies and library manufacturers to help hape the future of the archival storage marketplace.




David Hill of the Mesabi group ( recently spent time with Opternity and has written an article about the company and its technology.

Opternity Knocks

The article, "Opternity Knocks" was published on January 29, 2010 in Network Computing.

It is available here:Opternity Knocks